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Global Sourcing Director


  • Develops and implements foreign sourcing strategies in line with  foreign sourcing goals
  • Develops and delivers sourcing projects through foreign sourcing office(s).
  • Ensures all sourcing is aligned with Product Management, Sales and Merchandising strategies.
  • Conducts meetings to ensure all Product Managers and Business Unit Leaders are informed of sourcing opportunities for both existing products and new product categories.
  • Supports sourcing projects through effective document development, cross-functional participation resulting in PO placement.
  • Develops, documents and communicates formal processes to ensure all components of a successful sourcing event are properly addressed.
  • Ensures projects are based on solid merchandising strategies and RFQ’s are formatted for maximum sourcing effectiveness.
  • Identifies and anticipates potential challenges and works to resolve them through the cross functional participation in a timely manner.
  • Works with Sales, foreign purchasing , and/or directly with overseas suppliers to meet specific customer needs
  • Develops full understanding of product line merchandising strategies and works with Product Management for:
    • Obtaining better costs on existing import items.
    • Reducing cost and operating expenses and increasing sourcing effectiveness through consolidation
    • Developing and expanding merchandising strategies, (including private label strategies) that allow for increased levels of foreign sourcing activity.
    • Identification of  new product categories to grow sales profitability.
  • Works closely with Inventory Management, Fulfillment Centers and Logistics minimize operating expense and maximize our asset investment.
  • Navigates cross-functionally to implement foreign sourcing opportunities and strategies throughout the global organization
  • Liaises with Foreign Sourcing Offices, through conference calls, e-mails, and personal visits to  ensure their full understanding of strategies and foreign sourcing opportunities.
  • Liaises with Quality Assurance to ensure quality of all products sources.
  • Develops and implements a strategy and timeline to prioritize each foreign sourcing opportunity based on the highest ROI, as well as an overall implementation timeline.
  • Resolves conflicts by working within the SOP of each cross-functional area, or by working with senior leaders
  • Develops plan for and builds team for Global Sourcing
  • Ensures Global Sourcing operates as an effective, coordinated and cohesive unit, both internally among its own team members- and x-functionally.
  • Keeps Product Management leaders up to date regarding Global Sourcing Progress as well as economic/market/political developments in China and other parts of Asia that create potential threats and/or new opportunities
  • Develops and communicates financial measurements to ensure the implemented foreign sourcing strategies are in line with the company’s/product financial expectations.
  • Provide guidance to Product Managers on negotiation strategies with China manufacturers in response to (and anticipation of) requests for price increases.
  • Additional duties that may be required are as follows: Financial-modeling and benefit tracking. Sourcing/negotiating—domestic and overseas. Analyzes data—Progress to goal, SKU’s, spend, attributes, etc. Process planning—drive entire process and timeline, including resource allocation.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business related field or the equivalent
  • Minimum of five years in international sourcing/business
  • Minimum of five years of business management
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent time management and organizational skill
  • Proficiency with MS Office
  • Excellent analytical skills are required.
  • Broad industrial knowledge base is preferred